I haven’t taken my antidepressants in 2 days.

I simply lost the box and since they are so expensive I don’t dare to tell my parents that I lost it until enough time has passed to justify buying a new box.

Do I truly take my treatment seriously or am I playing? Am I going nuts right now because I’m on withdrawal or because I know I’m on withdrawal? Or is it something else? Is it situational? I’m facing something relatively mild, nothing huge.

And it’s 2 am and I am here, typing.

I’m supposed to be in recovery. Hope to get out. Work. A break from the curse.

I play Lord of the Rings Online and there’s a race of ghosts that got cursed so they are trapped in undeath. They can’t die but they don’t live either, they just wander, hoping for absolution.

I’m not making any sense, am I? But I did want to post. Wanted to record something. To make a bookmark in my fuzzy memory.

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