Creative Block and Soup.

Strugling for words but needing them.  I’m a little bit better with visual information than I am with words but the necesary information is not coming out properly.  Feel a bit like vomiting something that I have stuck in my brain.  My mind wants to toss something out there and what I have here is a blog that no one reads, which is kind of ideal.

But I don’t expect much.  I sound like the tortured artist I can’t claim to be because I simply haven’t produced anything at all.  All I have is a need.

I’ll just make Soup.

Tesseract. 4 dimensions. Can’t understand. Complex Shapes. Universe. Something in it. Geek. More Languages. Stimulation. Lack of focus. Expression. Mental. Mind born odd.  Internet. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.  Drugless high. High mentally, low physically. Albino. Postapocalyptic. Life. Science Fiction. Introverted. Round. Elasticity. Matter. Sciences. Not enough time. Blood Elf. Vampire. Gender Fluidity. Coke. Skeptical. Too many humans. Lack of safety net. Atheist. Independent. Alone. Ageing. Immortality. Pointless. Nothing. Brain. Trivial. Novel. Sleep. Theatre. Temporary. Recording. Saving. Keeping.  Forever. Endless. Infinite. Fluid. Energy. Frustration. Hurry. Young. Zombie. Sensorial. Intuitive. Theories. Beautiful. Waste. New Notebooks. Potential. Disappointment. Relief. Loss. Stupid People. Projection. Shadows. Cave. Enlightment. Insane. Perception. Popular Science. Communicating. Nice Smells. Love. Mood. Sheep.

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