Started Aripiprazole with my usual antidepressant on the first week of October.

One of the main problems with the antidepressant was that it made me very sleepy. I slept in every morning, in that way where no matter how much you try, you can’t really get up and be awake. Plus once I made it, I still felt like I had drank all the alcohol available in my city.

The augmenter seems to be helping with that.

5 or 6 days ago I started waking up early (6 am) and staying up rather easily. Went from sleeping 12 to 14 hours to 7 to 8. It’s a short time to say anything but the people who read this who may have mental problems will know how HUGE it is to get a normal sleeping schedule.

I’m not cured or anything, and part of me thinks it’s too soon and it’s just placebo. It could be. But if this is placebo, give me all the placebo you want as long as I feel better.

Only problem now is a rather bad restlessness. It’s very hard to stay still. If I’m up, I want to sit, if I sit, I want to be up, then I want to lie down, then I want to get up again. No position seems to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling.

Yesterday I was boxing with the air in order to get rid of some of that, then I made a pastel colour drawing and finished it in only an hour or so. May post pictures of it later. I’m still very self conscious about my work.

But it’s 6:47 and I’m awake. Anything can happen today.

Edit: Adding yesterday’s pastel colour thingy. It’s not anyone in particular. Just a girl. This is actually a crop.


I'm not good with noses.


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