On how my kitty broke her hip

Note: She’s is alive and well right now, recovering from her fracture at home.

The whole story is still a mystery though.

This is my kitty, Cristal.

Cristal is about 4 months old, although the exact age is hard to tell since she was an abandoned kitty that we took in.  She adapted just fine with my 2 boxer dogs, becoming a beautiful, playful, climbing, sneaky cat.


My dog Zeus trying to sneak in the shots I was taking of Cristal.



One of her classics. The 49 pose.



The beautiful pose


She’s always indoors and we never allow her out.  House is reasonably big (mostly just a space with rooms and no furniture), so Cristal and both of my dogs get to play as much as they want.

But somehow she got out.  She is sneaky and very agile, so perhaps she just snuck out as someone entered or left the house.   I think she was out all night.  We found her at 5 am crying outside the door.   My father thought she was just scared for being locked out, but when he called her in she wouldn’t move.  He went to pick her up and she cried horribly and bit him.  So I was awaken and we discovered how she couldn’t walk and was in horrible pain.  She only had one tiny external injury, but we could tell something was very wrong.  I don’t know that much about animals but I figured it was most likely her hip because of the way she was moving.  This was confirmed afterwards.

We took her to the vet as soon as we could.  There was a delay because pets don’t have insurance and we seriously can’t cover the costs of all we thought was going to be charged.  But somehow we managed.   Luckily she ended up not needing surgery.


I'm in pain. 😦



On the vet's table.


Broke my heart to hear her constantly in pain.  She wasn’t able to even lie down to rest properly because she was in that much pain.  At the vets, they examined her, and took X rays.


Photo of her insides. Arrow shows broken place. (Left Illium bone broken in 2. Hip joint not compromised.)


X ray shows that the femur and the hip joint are not compromised.  The hip is not dislocated.  But the illium bone is fractured in half.


Showing the place again in a diagram.


I was mostly afraid that the joint would be compromised, because these kind are much more serious.

The vet believes this was the result of strong blunt trauma.  Like being hit by a car, falling from a very high place or being beaten.  We are not sure what happened.  I for the most part hope it was that she fell off a tree.  The rest involves either irresponsible hit and runs, or downright evil cruel people.

The vet said that surgery would for the most part just add to the costs and would just fixate a fracture that is not dislocated in the first place.  He says he’s confident that she’ll be fine in about three weeks, if she keeps rest and takes pain medication and antibiotics (she had a couple small open injuries but just to prevent anything).


Back home. Hugging my favourite albino plushie.


Cristal has been listening to her doctor, lying down most of the time.  She is not in pain anymore unless she tries to put her weight on the left paw.  Which she avoids of course.  I know how hard it is for her to stay still when she’s such a playful kitty.


Hey you, with the camera. Stop it.


She’s been eating fine, taking her meds and taking it easy.  Hopefully, she’ll be jumping around again very soon.

  1. #1 by albinorealm on October 14, 2010 - 12:51 pm

    Cristal is easily the most beautiful kitty I’ve ever seen. She is so photogenic and you are such an amazing photographer. “The Beautiful Pose” is indeed a beautiful pose. An epic pose.

    I thought I would only want and like albino kitties. Cristal came into the picture and proved me wrong. Her personality is so cute, curious, persistent and hilarious just like her kitty owner.

    “Hey you, with the camera. Stop it.”

    <– busted guts

    You're so good with the one liners. Every time I look at your facebook profile quote I crack up. 😀

    I hope Cristal gets better. I was traumatized when I heard about what had happened to her. Seeing her shots in pain and dejected . . . T_T. She's still not back to her regular self. I miss her singing.

    By the way, the shot of her clutching the albinoz plushiez in her sleep is . . . there are no words. *instant death*

    Curious playful kitty has been bed bound, but she'll be back in action in no time–better than ever. 🙂

  2. #2 by Lucida on October 14, 2010 - 12:55 pm

    Aaahhhh. 😥 Hope she gets better soon. Just love the pics of her cuddling the plush! 🙂

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