I love the tiny map I got for my blog that shows little red dots for the people who have visited.  It’s not a lot, nor it matters, but it gives me this “ZOMG there are people outside my tiny oven city, and some read me!”.  Very silly indeed.

So, I had to go to the capital, Bogota, to see my psychiatrist.  In this case the map is much smaller, you know, compared to the world.  But since I haven’t been around the world yet, but I HAVE done this trip, Bogota feels like it’s in another freaking planet.

It’s 45 minutes on a plane but 6 hours by road because the way is incredibly convoluted around the mountains and you have to go from 442 mt to 2600 mt of altitude, so, there are lots of cliffs by the end of the trip.  I made a little quick drawing when I came back home to illustrate this.

Going on such a hassle just to see the psychiatrist seems crazy.  I didn’t want to do it.  My parents basically dragged me there at first but right now it seems like the only support I have medically speaking (didn’t want anything else to do with the ones in my own city who are like 4 and I know them all), and it’s not even covered by my health insurance.  I think I was lucky enough to find a psychiatrist, that now I think it’s even better than the one that “abandoned me”.   I will write more about the appointment itself later, because right now I can’t.  And the trip was last Friday but I’m still exhausted.  And I will rant more about the bus trip, oh yes.  Like about this guy who was obese and snored loudly in his seat accross from mine, for almost 7 hours.

  1. #1 by albinorealm on October 3, 2010 - 7:03 pm

    You make such unique and beautiful doodles! 😀 It was very brave of you to post this one. I’m very proud. *hug*

    I love how obsessed you are with maps. I love your Google Earth twitch.

    I think you’re right. This psychiatrist is much better than the one you had before. He seems wise and forward thinking. Plus, he recognizes your strengths. He sees that you DO know how to open up and let people in, its only that you haven’t had many people that have given you reason to do so in the past. Yet, when you find a candidate, you give it all. It is one of the many things I adore about you. You do not hold back. You charge on with your teeth bared and glowing with determination.

    We will collect maps together, and stick pins on all the places that we have been to.


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