Trying to Restart Blog Engines

After reading Pandora‘s last post at Confessions of a Serial Insomniac, about fearing dead blogs (partly), and realizing that my blog is in fact a little bit dead, I went on a tiny redesigning spree, and changed the theme, then made a header image with GIMP, and finally wrote my About page.  Yay! (Thanks, Pandora)

Next on is making a blogroll.  It may not happen too soon, though (my batteries ended).

I know I want to keep a blog going, even though I don’t know exactly what I want from it.  It used to be a space where I poured my thoughts out, in secret hopes that someone would really understand me.  And my dream came true.  It’s how I met my significant other, S.  But just because I’m able to talk to them about anything doesn’t mean I can no longer have a blog.  However, it’s partly the reason why my entries became less frequent.

Another reason is that having depression can be deadly boring.  Lately my energy levels are extremely low and my thoughts repetitive.  Sometimes I don’t know why S puts up with me but they swear I’m funny and entertaining.  My mental health has gotten worse instead of better in the past few months, and I’m currently unmedicated and untreated due to many messy reasons.

A couple of days ago I managed to finish reading a series of books called The Last Vampire, by Christopher Pike (read on PDF format in my computer).  I adore his books but these series gave me a few twitches and the ending a few tears.   I’ll leave it at that for now.

My sense of acomplishment about finishing the books was overshadowed by meeting some people I know who are not sick and therefore earn their own money, and go on trips during holidays and have real books and triggered my jealousy and self pity.  But at least they understand me, I’m done meeting with the ones who don’t.


That’s all folks.

(Sorry, couldn’t help it. I even have the porky pig voice in my head)

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