Whoohoo! first entry!

I think I have a serious coca cola addiction.

Being addicted to coke has been a thing of mine since I was a child, but today it hit me that it may be more than just a quirk.   If you want to mess with me, refuse to sell me coke, refuse to buy coke for me when I ask you, drink MY coke, or worse, *gasp*, give me Pepsi (really, why would you do such a thing?).  Then feel my wrath.

I can be bound to my bed for hours, until I realize there’s no coke, then I’ll knock on every little store until I find it.  Social phobia? not when it comes to get my dose.  Dare to get in my way.

Keep me without coke, I’ll start walking in circles in anxiety until I manage to get some.  Then I’ll continue to have anxiety because that wasn’t the cause of it anyway.

It’s not about volume.  I don’t drink that much at a time, but I drink every single day.  I made a google search on coke addiction (using the actual term “coca cola” or I’d drift a little bit), and found someone claiming to have been on 8  to 10 Lts a day.  It  sounds pretty unbelievable, doesn’t it? I’m just on about 300 to 500 ml a day, although the restriction is mostly a money matter.   Where would I be if I had unlimited resources? hmm.  I like to think I’d drink until I get bored and then I’d stop, because the idea of 8 to 10 Lts a day doesn’t sound appealing.  I bet his pee has bubbles.

I live in a very hot climate and I can get dehydrated easily.  I used to have the theory that I craved coke everytime I was thirsty, so I am trying to keep my self completely hydrated at all times.  So far my cravings don’t seem to have gone anywhere.   A few minutes before I wrote this post I found myself sneaking out of my house to buy an aditional dose because my family had already seen me drinking earlier and they would comment on it.   Hidden, like a shameless junkie.

As to getting rid of it, I don’t necesarily want to.  But if I did, I found something pretty interesting about an anticonvulsant named Topiramate that can give you fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, problems concentrating, numbness in your limbs, and oh yeah, taste change.  Apparently people have reported an adversion to carbonated beverages while taking this.  Hmm.

Making my coke taste bad? Why would I? I don’t have a problem.  Don’t look at me like that.  I don’t.

Hey,  it’s not my fault, it’s the caffeine and its psychotropic effects, it’s the industry monsters and their plans to control the world,  it’s the dopaminergic discharges in my brain, it’s my natural antidepressant (as much as coke can be classified as anything remotely “natural”).

Really, it’s not like it is giving me any problems, right?

*sips and smiles*

  1. #1 by la on January 12, 2010 - 10:16 am

    Pepsi OMG it tastes like thin bleach *vomits*

    I am drinking two cans of Coke a day atm (sometimes three, but I try not to drink it in the evening.) I even drink it at breakfast. First thing. I feel like I need it when I wake up. The caffeine? The sugar? Both maybe.

    I only want to eat sweet things and bread (usually toasted.) Everything else, things I used to love, tastes funny to me now. Not disgusting, just… not appetising. Is the Coke killing my taste buds?

    The problem is my teeth are disappearing =(

  2. #2 by purplesapho on January 18, 2010 - 2:31 pm

    Yes, the teeth. That’s a problem. Mine have yellowed over the years. 😦

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